Prayer Requests - Kuwait

I lost my teaching job here in Kuwait and I have until the end of the month to find something else or leave, due to my civil ID being canceled. Please pray.

Please pray for my brother for schizophrenia (over thinking, extreme fear that someone is following him), he has to live a normal life to wipe my mom's tears.

Please pray for my son. His name is Jonathan. He has a bone problem and typhoid. He has a fever every day.

Please pray for my family's deliverance from generational curses, for my job inter-transfer and good health and stop bleeding.

Please pray for my son to get a permanent job as he is under contract at present, also a good wife. Let our Lord touch.

My wife is waiting a long time for a Job in Kuwait MOH. I'm also in trouble. Please Pray for us.

Kindly pray for me to get a permanent job as i am on contract at present. Let our Lord touch all those decision makes to be considerate.