Prayer Requests - Cameroon

Pray for grace over me to move according to God's will. Pray for peace and restoration in my home. Pray for peace for my children, my wife, and above all that we will move by God's leading.

My sister has been in court for 5 years in a business trial where she's been wrongfully accused. Verdict is on jan. 8. Please pray for justice and truth.

Please pray for my relationship with my Dad. I want to honor him, love him and work with him more. But there's anger, division, hurts, and falsehoods.

Cameroon is in social turmoil and post-election tension is rising. Please pray for God's will to be established, souls to be saved and unity and peace.

Help pray for God's mercy and grace for me Nicole. To be granted a visa this Thursday so I can travel to Europe for stage 3 breast cancer treatment.

A friend discovered a lump on her breast. It's been growing and it hurts. She will undergo tests this week. Please pray for no cancer and full healing.

Please pray for a 21-yr-old sexually assaulted last week: no bad results from medical tests, complete healing and restoration, protection from lies.

Christians are under attack by Boko Haram, an Islamic militant group kidnapping people and taking cattle and food. Please pray.

Please pray for me. I live in Cameroon, Africa and need a passport to study and be admitted into the Summit International School of Ministry this fall.

Please pray that lives and hearts will be changed at the concert (Friday) and the fair (Saturday) at our church (visitors and members). Big need.