Prayer Requests - Panama

Please pray for our daughter Rebekah who started to hemorrhage last night. She was 29 weeks pregnant and lost a lot of blood. The baby is alive, but intubated.

Please pray for our daughter Rebekah, she has the flu, also our other daughter Rachel runs a nursing home with 200 patients, please pray for her.

Pray for our daughter and her family as they share in churches in the US about what God is doing in the jungles of Panama, the orphanage, and reaching the lost.

The mother of our worker Alcides died suddenly today. Please pray for the family. Please pray for this area to have a longing for God.

Please pray for our dad in the hospital awaiting surgery. They have given him 6 months to live. Also, pray for mom to come and know Jesus as her Lord.

Please pray for our daughter Rebekah, her lungs were damaged from mold, asthma and chronic lung problems, she is having breathing difficulties. Thanks.

When we got home from Panama our dog Kiisha was sick, we took her to the veterinarian yesterday and she has tick fever. We think she will live. Pray!

Please pray for Aurora M., John's mom. She is in the hospital and has bed sores that may be septic. Thank you for your prayers.