Prayer Requests - Zimbabwe

I got a job offer as an assistant bar manager. I know it's wrong but my mom and l are so desperate, that l can't bring myself to tell her it's wrong. Please pray.

For God to strengthen me by restoring fasting, Word, prayer appetite. Also, my crypto portfolio to grow and to meet my life partner. I love you.

Pray for Derek's health, acute brain infections. Pray for his faith and endurance till the end. He has lost all hope from a Job-like trial.

Please pray for me to get right with God. I'm really lost. It's hard to get rid of this twelve year porn and masturbation habit. May God use me again.

Urgent prayer for my mom, who is having a hip replacement tomorrow. Pray for a quick recovery because we believe God. God bless.

Please pray that my family follows Christ in spirit and in truth. That l be consistent in my pursuit of God and to serve him in spirit and in truth.

Please pray for me. I have a porn problem and I know I am a sinner. Help!

I wasn't baptized in the Holy Spirit. Please pray for me to receive the Holy Spirit.

Praying to get a proper job out of the country, a job that I will be able to take my son and live with him and be able to take care of him and myself.