Prayer Requests - AZ

Like so many others I need the body of Christ and to know the will of God for my life I'm a widow and single parent in a tough city.

I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease. I also have a genetic condition that affects my brain chemistry. Please pray for healing and wisdom for doctors.

Prayer for me to bring life, healing, and unity to those in my family that I've scattered. For reconciliation to Jesus, to the Bible, and to the body of Christ.

Please pray. I feel the constant oppression. My family members depend on me and I have no more to give. I don't want to lead others away.

Pray for Jesus to touch my life and guide me. Also pray for healing of my injured leg and for my family.

I sold my condo and getting my house in order. I'll be 80 in March. Prayer to get my spiritual life in order and bless my grandchildren.

I'm feeling betrayed by God. My husband died, I lost custody of two boys and I lost my house and car. Please pray. I'm in a desolate place.

I'm really struggling. My husband died and I lost custody of our two small sons. Struggling for a good job.