Prayer Requests - AK

Urgent prayer my sister who is at a crossroad. She's disillusioned with pastors and falling for adultery. She also has cancer cells, please pray.

Starting treatment for possible cervical cancer. I'm 55, please pray. I need to work for medical insurance for my husband with past cancer.

Please pray for Jesus to lead me to a good job and for restored joy for wisdom where to attend church.

I'm starving for a solid Christian fellowship like what you have at TSC. Please pray for me, I'm lonely.

Please pray Jesus would end this struggle with housing and endless jobs that don't provide I need a touch from heaven.

Prayer for Jesus to send the best caregiver to help my mom, and to get her house cleaned.

TSC, please pray Jesus would send me and my daughter back to Wasilla to be close to my son and my sister for a job and car there.

Got a bad report on a female biopsy which I battled years ago. I'm 56 years old please remember me today.

Please pray for restored faith in the Bible, first love for Jesus, and for my husband to seek Jesus. Pray for trust in the body of Christ.

Prayer for help at work and for the office to be cleaned and organized. For patience and wisdom. Thank You.