Prayer Requests - Ethiopia

Pray for God's mercy and exceptional favor to my children and me. It is written that her children shall be taught by God. Dear Holy Spirit, minister to them and teach them.

My mom had a 2nd stroke, that damaged a larger area of her brain and as a result she is suffering from post-stroke psychosis. Please pray for us.

Our friend Itete got diagnosed with breast cancer. News caused her diabetic husband, Lijalem, to be hospitalized and her daughter distressed. Pray for salvation and healing.

Please pray me and my wife will have children and for the successful completion of my study. May God do His miracles.

I believe in God, I will be free from lies of being ungodly, by divine intervention and judgment.

Praying for a miracle in my marriage. I am contemplating separation. We have kids. I get anxiety attacks when I think I have done something to upset him.

Jesus, we ask for your to heart the cry of the Ethiopian Jewish people to live in Israel as Christians.

We are a Christian island in a Muslim ocean, please pray for our country to become Christian, for laborers to come and help us.

Leviticus 26:4 prayer for rain and healing in our land and for Christ to stop Sharia courts and Islamic schools and mosques.