Prayer Requests - Hungary

I would like prayer to hate porn, find a wife, and for my family, church, spiritual renewal, and healing (psychiatric). Thank you very much.

Please pray for my friend in the Lord. She is a nurse. She's got COVID-19, has asthma too, and her life is in danger. Pray for her faith and for her 3 children.

Please pray for my nephew's wife who has a cyst on her spine. If it won't get better surgery will be necessary. They have three little children.

I would like to hate porn, heal my life. My family needs healing and real conversion.
We need church and Holy Spirit baptism. Thank you for prayer. God bless you.

Brothers and sisters in Christ, please help me pray for my ex-wife who has rejected Christ, there is strong demonic influence, thank you.

Please pray for aunt Vera to submit herself to Jesus. She is a precious woman of business and we are waiting for her, as well as her two sons.

Dear TSC, Please pray for Agnes S and her daughter Cora to be saved and be steadfast in the Lord unto salvation. Thank you!

Please pray for my situation at work. I was replaced with the assistant of the Deputy President of the Main Court, without any training he wants me to cheat.

Hi I pray for healing my family. It's my family's repentance. My church is lutheran-reformed tansformation.

I have more problems due to stress: foot edema, obesity, hernia.
Thank you for your pray.