Prayer Requests - United Arab Emirates

My prayer request is that I am currently searching for a job in a hospital. I need a good hospital in UAE. Please pray for me. I am waiting for an interview call.

Provision for my son's university fee which is due end of September. Am a single supporting parent.

Please pray for my family, Jiitu, Arnav, Dhriti, and myself, to be more like Jesus every day, and to seek the kingdom of God and his righteousness. Arnavand and Dhriti are not saved yet.

My son Arnav has got two part-time jobs, praise God. Now he needs to get enough working hours to meet his living expenses. Please pray for provision for this child.

My husband and son are facing financial problems to sustain themsleves. My family is dysfunctional. I desire for both my children to come to the Lord.

Arnav, my son, needs a part-time job in Sydney. He has no money left to pay for living expenses. He is a university student. Prayer is needed for a breakthrough. Thank you.