Prayer Requests - IL

Please pray for my best friend's family who do not know the true Jesus.

I pray for a godly spouse and that my season of loneliness will end with love and thanksgiving.

Emergency prayers needed. Beloved husky dog missing. Name is Makita. Pray he is found as soon as possible.

The boiler heat in my apartment went off. Hope it comes back on. The weather is below 15. May the Lord help me to get through this cold winter.

Pastor Conlon please pray for me. I've been having daily panic attacks since the pandemic. I'm so tired of being alive and don't want to be here anymore.

Please Jesus I petition to you, I need your help, I did wrong to my ex and mistreated Megan, and wish that you would have her forgive me.

Please pray for my healing from multiple sclerosis, 3 meningiomas, and now I have had 2 seizures. I was in the hospital 3 days but came home on Keppra.

The father of my 3-year-old just got released from jail for stabbing a man. I pray that he will get sentenced to prison so me and my son can be safe.

Please pray that my daughter Grace will give her heart body mind and soul to the Lord. Pray she will surrender to his will. Pray he will provide.

Please pray for healing, wisdom, protection, and strength for my daughter Francesca. Pray she will draw closer to the Lord and put him first.