Prayer Requests - Pakistan

My son has a lot of Muslim influence. I need only Jesus to save him. I will not surrender my son to nonbelievers. He will receive salvation. Jesus save him.

I'm a persecuted Christian from the Islamic country Pakistan. I'm trying to leave this country. Pray for me, that God gives me success to leave this country forever.

Pray the Lord please choose life partners for my son and daughter. I surrender them to Him.

Please pray for complete healing for my mother, Rakhi: recovery from diabetes, Hep. C (liver disease), heart issues, and skin rash/allergy.

May the Lord find godly life partners for my 35-year-old son and my 29-year-old daughter. I am praying that the Lord unites us to a praying family. Amen.

Please pray for me and my family. I'm very worried about my job and the circumstances of my life.

Please pray for complete healing and long life of my mama Rakhil. She is diabetic, with a history of Hepatitis C. Currently, she is facing dizziness.

My son is depressed and wants to marry a Muslim girl. As a mother, I need prayers to move the heavens to save him from marrying a non-believer.

Pray for Daud my son, age 35 that the Lord find a godly wife for him. He is lonely and upset. Only the Lord can do the impossible by finding partners.

Dear man of God, please in the name of Holy Jesus Christ, pray as per below mention request. Holy Jesus Christ gives us business solution.