Prayer Requests - Haiti

Prayer for a young boy, Gardy M who was kidnapped from his father, a pastor after church service for a ransom. He was born in the USA.

TSC, urgent prayer for 2 ladies with advanced cervical cancer. We need a miracle only God can do.

Urgent prayer for Haiti please! our country is in desperate condition. Out of gas, water, people starving. We need God to move. Help us!

Urgent prayer for two and a half-year-old Nassir. Has draining fluid & infection. Dad needs help for hospital expenses.

Please pray for Haiti. We are under a dark and evil stronghold and need the light of God to breakthrough. God, please hear us.

Urgent prayer for Haiti. Please, we are under a demonic possession and stronghold. Terrible conditions and chaos. Desperate for a miracle. Only God can.

Pray for deliverance and supernatural healing. May God have His way in my situation. Thank you, Lord. Show your goodness once again.

Urgent prayer. God, please release Haiti from this awful darkness. The governmenf is totally dissolute and people are desperate.

Urgent. Please pray for our country and our city. We are in deep spiritual darkness and we have had no power for days. This is dangerous.