Prayer Requests - Oman

I surrender my health. I had stage 0 bladder cancer detected on 06th June, 2020. There is a CT scan. Help me to get a normal report.

Kindly pray for me to perform amazingly in my CIMA examination which is held on Sunday, 31st December 2017 and achieve excellent results.

Please pray for me to perform amazingly in my CIMA exams to be held on September 20th, 2017 and achieve excellent results for glorifying Jesus' name.

My family and I are in very dark times since 2016. Our older 2 children turned their backs on Christ and us. I got setup by evil Muslims and facing imprisonment. Acts 12:5.

Me and my wife need your prayers as we want a child and become parents. We want to be strong in our faith.

My family has around 5 Lakhs Indian rupees debt. Please pray it will be finished soon. and for a baby for me and my wife. God bless.

Discernment/exposure of wrongdoings against military persons both sides of border. God break the silence on mistreatment. Faith to believe.

I am in Muscat and need a job as soon as possible with a sufficient salary. We have debts at home. Please pray that God opens the best door.