Prayer Requests - Saint Vincent and Grenadines

Please pray for Shakiel who has lymphoma and is in the hospital, Nyella, 18-years-old, who needs a kidney transplant, and Joanne for tumor(s) on her liver.

Urgent prayer for God's supernatural touch on my co-workers (Yolanda and Joanne) lives. Also, Shakeel Richardson and Noel Samuel. Thank you.

Continue to pray for my mom(M Quow). That the manifestation of God's power will be seen in her life and every broken relationship with her children mended.

Special prayer for all pastors and their ministries. May the Lord continue to let His light shine on them and blind the enemies in their ways.

Pastor, please help! Pray for me, I'm overwhelmed and don't know what to do anymore.

Pray for my soul to be right with God. Pray that he heal me and works a miracle in my life. Give me a good job. I feel so alone. I can't stop masturbating.

Urgent prayer for Dana McLean who has been out of school from September. No proper diagnosis and should be traveling next.

TSC please, pray for Yvette who has heart problem, that God will heal her.

Urgent prayer for Natasha in NY, hospitalized with a stroke and for Vivian, for healing and deliverance from cancer, in Jesus' name.