Prayer Requests - KS

Please pray that in this time of great distress in our nation, that we the church, will manifest the gifts of the Spirit everywhere we go.

Please pray that the Lord will raise me up again out of this weakness. All I want in this life is to be used of the Lord till He comes. Thank you!

I am homeless, staying with my brother. My children don't want me. Please pray that I will be where Jesus wants me to be this Christmas.

Please pray for my children and grandchildren. Michelle, Robert, Zac, Lakin, Kristen, Josiah, Andrew, Micah. So MUCH bitterness and trouble. Thank you.

I go to the doctor next Tuesday to find out why I have lost all my strength. Please pray for me. Thank you.

Daughter-deliverance from bitterness and low self-worth. Granddaughter,14, deliverance from evil influences, dangerous situations, surrender to Christ.

My brother in the Lord is fighting some serious mental health issues. He is really struggling but is trusting God for a breakthrough. Please pray.

Ask God to heal me from depression and guilt to forgive my husband from things that happened in the past and move on in our marriage.

My 14-year-old granddaughter is online with satanic predators encouraging self-harm and anti-Christ behavior. Needs deliverance, God's intervention!

My grandson is an alcoholic, is suffering greatly in bondage with it, and recently he was laid off his job. Pray for deliverance.