Prayer Requests - Jamaica

Pray for Grace who has been having some serious health issues. Believing for complete healing.

Pray for God's direction in starting my business with the gift He has blessed me with. Also, pray that my son's father will fulfill his parental obligations.

Please pray for Sajah, as he has been shot two times in less than 2 months. Today, he was shot three times. He is in the hospital undergoing surgery at this moment.

I am struggling with masturbation and really want to overcome it. Please pray for me. I am a son of God and desire to surrender to His Lordship fully.

Please pray for Sajay he has an unspoken request, pray that the Lord keeps him safe from the police. Thanks.

Please pray for salvation and deliverance and healing for the young people in Jamaica, especially the young men and families.

Please pray that Sajah surrenders his heart to the Lord. Also, he has an unspoken request. Thanks.

Please pray for Sylvia. She has severe pain over most of her body, to the point where sometimes she is unable to move or do anything. Thanks.