Prayer Requests - Slovenia

Please help me get rid of sabotaging habits like overeating, meds abuse. Please guide my doctors. I am currently hospitalized in a mental institution.

Please pray for my friend M., that she will be healed and overcomes sexual addiction. She is currently in a mental hospital (semi-closed department).

Please pray for my friend Irena, heal her mind, emotions and restore Her relationship with Jesus Christ.

Please pray for me to live a spiritual life full of Christ; despite my residual Schizophrenia, obsessions and being 50kgs overweight - without concentration.

Please help me lose weight, heal my (right) knee, understand myself better achieve peace of mind, empty my heart, release tensions, heal me.

Please pray for my healing. I am struggling with loss of pigment on my face. It's hard because I am dark skinned. I believe God can heal me!

Pray for revival in our church in Lucija, Slovenia (church of living water Jesus Christ) for deliverance for a miracle.

Please pray with me for my daughter Nesa (living in California with her family) for her restoration back to God with all repentance/deliverance.