Prayer Requests - NH

Please pray for my 89-year-old mother to recover from Covid. Pray that it would be mild for her and that we get her on ivermectin today. Please pray for her salvation too.

Avery has complications from heart surgery, please pray, Matt needs the Lord and, Mike needs total surrender to the Lord Bert needs healing in the kidney.

God allowed a subarachnoid hemorrhage to happen to me. He gave me hydrocephalus, a VP shunt, and cognitive difficulties. I don't know how to forgive God.

My sister is scaring my elderly mom. My sister gets mad and starts screaming and throwing things. I don't know what to do. My sister won't get help. I am losing my faith that God cares.

My children and grand children, need Jesus in their hearts, For marriages Jim and Sarah, Joel and Kim, Don and Tina. For all children on summer break,

Prayer request for the following: Addictions, to be set free. Salvation, healing in all areas by His blood, Psalm 91 as per encounter with Jesus for Roxane, Nechi, Jay, Joe, Eric, and Josh.