Prayer Requests - DC

My wife and I are expecting. I recently lost my job. We have been looking at small ways to make money. We need a breakthrough financially.

Prayers are requested for Librada, who has been diagnosed with cancer. May the Lord Jesus Christ touch her body and heal her from her pain and disease.

We are having an induction on Tuesday with our second child. Please pray with us. Amen.

My relationship with my mother; Finding grandchildren from my murdered Son; a godly mate, for peace, joy, health, and salvation for everyone.

Pray for Isaiah, who is due in two weeks. Pray for a healthy mom and child. Amen.

I commit my unborn son to the Lord. My wife and I both tested positive for SMA, this would not be in his gene pool. Pray for safe delivery, healthy baby and mother.

The enemy is trying to touch my work but he has no jurisdiction there in Jesus's name.

Please pray for Ms. Ruby's annihilation of cancer find after a mastectomy. Healing and wholeness.