Prayer Requests - AK

Pray for Dan. He suffered two strokes from chemotherapy. He has throat cancer, and he is in his 60s.

My supervisor, Whitney, is trying to make things difficult for me at work. I believe it's because I am a Christian. Please pray that she has a positive change of attitude towards me. Thanks.

Pray for my boss she has bad asthma, a heart condition and arthritic and her husband has cancer going on 2 years. Healing and salvation in Christ!

Please pray that I will accept Jesus into my heart tonight. Also pray that I will find a church to attend locally.

Please pray for Zach. He is going in for hernia surgery. May Jesus protect him and may he come to know Jesus.

A person who works in law enforcement anonymously turned in two family members who were breaking the law. God protect them. I pray that the two who are now incarcerated will come to know Jesus soon.