Prayer Requests - Italy

Please, help to pray for R. she is affected by cancer and suffering a lot. The doctors don't give hope. Pray that the Lord makes a miracle that only He can do.

My father is 86 years old and not yet saved. His disease has now softened his heart. Please pray for his salvation before it's too late.

Please help me pray that the Lord would eventually change the hard and heavy situation at work. I'm also having pains in my arm. Thanks.

My boyfriend is suffering from lacking a job for almost four years. He is going to leave in a few days because he lacks everything. We need a miracle.

Please pray for my sister Daniela. She is so desperate, she doesn't want to live anymore. She has so many problems. Only Jesus can help her.

I'm about taken a very important decision in my life and I need prayer and God's intervention to guide my thoughts. Amen.

Please pray for my sister Daniela who is so depressed, she doesn't want to live anymore. She needs Jesus so much.

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ, please pray for my family and me. We've been going through a lot of suffering and need help and protection.