Prayer Requests - NJ

Pray for this countryA´s officials not to do harm to the nation, in ChristA´s name. Amen.

Pray for my sister-in-law's daughters, who do not help her. Also, pray for my son to stop fighting. Thank you, TSC.

Please pray for the borough of Brooklyn, where I lived for 48 years. Pray against the spirit of oppression, fear, and sadness. Thanks.

Pray in the name of Jesus against the powers and principalities of evil, chaos, and violence that wants to rise up on January 6 in Washington DC.

Please pray for this new strain of the coronavirus to be restrained by our healer and honorable physician, Jesus the Christ. Amen.

Praying for this new year 2021. May we experience the fullness of joy the Lord Jesus promised unto us all. May all submit to His Lordship.

Please pray for the family of the person we heard scream yesterday while onboard the #6 train, they announced the person died.

Lord, I pray you show us that you are in control. The lies and corruption in government is too much. Lord put a stop to it. Increase our faith.

Prayer for Adam who isn't saved and suffers from addiction. He is looking for a miracle. Please pray that Jesus will save him right now where he is.

Please pray my children Jacob, Charles, Winnie, Dominique, Amanda, Ashley. Would recommit to the Lord and be supernaturally delivered from smoking weed.