Prayer Requests - Costa Rica

Please pray for my father, Misael, who has a terminal illness. He is close to death and is afraid.

My sister is a cancer survivor but they recently found a nodule on her kidney. That same day I was diagnosed with breast cancer. Please pray for us.

Please pray for a second wind, for a fresh revelation for reaching the lost and helping the fatherless, and ministering to the drug addicts. For a new heart.

Prayer for a fresh baptism of God's Holy Spirit and revelation of his will for my heart.

Prayer for the baptism of God's Holy Spirit fire to fill my bones and life for the ministry I'm called to be in.

For my wife to find the job God has for her. Also, the decisions ahead for our family to be in accordance with God's will. Pray for Costa Rica's next president!

I just now accepted friendship from a Muslim in Algeria. I testified to him about Jesus. I am interceding for him. Pray for salvation.

Clear scans from cancer for my 18-year-old girl, a miracle of a court sentence for the hospital to do the scans soon, and good grades at senior year.