Prayer Requests - Congo

Beloved, please help me pray for my town as it faces more armed robbery with murders and rapes. May God deliver my country, Democratic Republic of the Congo, from violence. Be blessed.

Please pray for my husband Clark who is sexually addicted. He is having sex with younger girls. He is a prisoner, I want him to be free from this weakness.

Folks, I really need you to pray for me and plead for God's intervention to manifest into my life cause my faith is being tested.

I really need God's intervention as soon as possible in my life and also pray for my friend who's believing for financial breakthrough in order to clear his debts.

I pray for God to reveal himself in my life and take away the confusion, just as it is stated that none that wait on the Lord shall be ashamed.

Hello please pray for me. I am believing God for a miracle. I have a big debt that I need to pay. I know God is alive and can do the impossible.

Kindly pray for me because I have been accused of sexual harassment.
The lady accusing me is revenging because she was sanctioned.

Please let's pray for the recognition of the sovereignty of God in the constitution of DRC my country. We need peace, justice, and development.

Hello sisters/brothers, my family lives in Charlotte, NC and I'm local UN staff in Africa. I want the UN Job in NYC to be near my family.

Prayer for deep poverty and civil conflict and pastor Kyotha, and his wife Helen as they try to make a difference.