Prayer Requests - CA

Please pray for my mom for complete healing from cancer and for me for complete healing from endometriosis.

Please pray for my Ph.D. defense, that I would have a sharp mind, be well-spoken, and graduate with honors. Thank you.

I'm asking first, before me, for prayer for my 7-year-old son. He has a health problem with his stomach and bathroom problems. Pray for his salvation, protection, and peace from Jesus. I got saved.

Please pray for Deuteronomy 30:6 over my 3 children: The Lord will circumcise their hearts to love the Lord. Thank you.

Please pray for my young nephew who's mildly autistic. Doesn't feel normal. God's love and healing touch. Salvation. Needs godly friends, mentors.

Pray for several family members with COVID-19 who are unable to breathe on their own. Daughter fighting depression. Please help pray!

Healing for my family, my mind, heart, and stomach issues. Grace to forgive abusers. May light Break forth like the dawn in my life.

For my 3 boys to be baptized and submit to God: Austin, Justus, and Tristen. Also, for Sean to be healed from his coma. He is fighting for his life.

My family needs to be saved, delivered, healed, and sanctified then filled with the Holy Spirit. Be tenacious and the hound of Heaven after them. Leave the 99.

I ask for prayer for my brother to be delivered from any sinful thoughts. I pray that he gets to know our Lord Jesus Christ!