Prayer Requests - MN

Leona has a bedsore and damaged leg nerve after hip replacement surgery and can't walk. She's in a nursing home rehab so discouraged.

Pray for Alice to get out of Joe's life! She is taking him away from Jesus. She is controlling him, and pre martial sex. Etc. Not good! Pray

I cried down the aisle 47 years ago, repented on my part seeking the Lord. Now, I feel indifference no leadership on his part. Hopes gone, enough pray need a new home.

For wisdom, knowledge, understanding, and discernment. To be closer to God and become more like Jesus.

I have been sober for 3 years but my children will not speak to me. Please pray for transformation in our relationships. Emily is 14 years old and Steven is 10.

I would like Prayer for a good job. Thank You and God Bless All of you.

Please pray Jesus heals me from what doctors say are two incurable diagnoses and I will have a testimony on my lips. For an appointment with believing Dr. J. C. Thank you.

Healing for my sister Kathy. Doctor's found a mass on her adrenal glands/kidneys. Thank you.

We as a small fellowship have been asked to pray this Tues 7 pm for a friend to be delivered from demonic possession tied to sexual abuse and witchcraft.

Please pray for me. I took the COVID-19 test. Pray that it comes back with negative results, in Jesus' name. Thank you, Jesus. We pray. Amen.