Prayer Requests - Nigeria

God, Grace and mercy and out pouring of the Holy Spirit and power on me to preach the gospel. I have the hunger to preach but am not doing it.

I want the baptism of the Holy Spirit. Finding it difficult to live a constant aA±d holy life. Please pray for me.

Jesus, please give me, my own home, health, happiness, real friends, a better job, boss, and job security. A cure for COVID-19, a peaceful USA, and 30 million Christians in the USA.

My request is for my application for provincial nomination with respect to my application for Canadian permanent residency to be granted.

I want God to direct my path. I want to pray against every spirit of stagnancy, failure, and disappointments. Prayer for God's protection for me and my family.

Pray for my son that his contract will be signed and God consumes his life and be glorified. Father, answer all my prayers to you, my helper healer.

Perfect healing for my daughter's body, soul and spirit. That God perfects all that concerns her. Healing for the kidney of an uncle and perfect healing for sis.

Please pray for me that God will deliver me from the power of darkness that is tormenting my life.

Pray for God's guidance and divine direction towards my Visa processing to attend summit international School of ministry this year. God bless TSC.