Prayer Requests - Finland

Please pray for protection to our family against evil powers. My wife went to meet her demonized sister in a mental asylum. Pray for our marriage.

Please pray for my wife who has cancer. Also pray for my marriage restoration and our finances.

This is an emergency. Please pray for my health, marriage, and monetary situation. Not enough money to pay my bills. This is urgent. Pray for God to send help.

Please pray for my health and my monetary situation. God knows. Pray for protection against evil people. God bless you.

Please pray for Lasse. He has been in a car accident. He is fighting against death. Please pray for a miracle and salvation for Lasse.

Please pray for my friend who is under a severe demonic attack and in a very difficult situation. Thank you.

Please pray for my friend, whose neck is chronically damaged and is in great pain.
Thank you.

Please pray for my wife. She has cancer. Also, please pray for the restoration of my marriage. Please, also pray for our finances and healing for me.

Please pray for God to intervene in my health and monetary situation asap. He knows. This is urgent. God bless you.

Please pray for my brother to be set free from the hatred towards my parents and me, and to be healed. Praying for grace and strength in this situation. God alone can do this.