Prayer Requests - El Salvador

Pray for my brother N. He is at the ICU intubated due to COVID-19. May the Lord release him from death and make him recover completely to continue.

Pray for newly born baby Martin who is gravely ill. Only God can save him. Doctors have given up. Pray for his parents to believe.

My sister has a bleeding brain tumor. I pray for a miracle. Am traveling from Australia today to be with her in San Salvador. Pray for my safety.

Pray for the total healing of Haydee she's been diagnosed with brain cancer Only God can heal her.

Pray for my sisters, that God may set them free with His truth and save them. One has a hardened heart and the other thinks she is a lesbian.

Prayer for the bible to be read from Genesis to Revelation and that every soul would have a bible and pray to Jesus.

El Salvador's government is now considering to pass a law, in which studying the bible is a must in all public schools. Pray it's appoved!

I twisted my ankle yesterday. Puppy got scared and ran. Can't find him. Someone must have kept him. For my emotional sake pray he's in good hands. Thank you.