Prayer Requests - NV

Prayer for my own revelation of who Jesus is for me and for my marriage and family, for His presence.

Pray to encounter Jesus so, it would radically change me and my family. Help us to experience him and to be alive in him.

To encounter Jesus for myself. For time to read the Bible and for a church locally to take my family.

My niece Eryka has been hospitalized with stomach pain, nausea, and is unable to eat or swallow. Tests show no reason for this. Pray for deliverance.

Pray for health and safe travels for my fiance and family, and my family and me this holiday season.

My fiance is looking for a job. He is finishing his doctorate and wants to provide for us once we are married. Pray for GodA´s mighty provision!

Pray for my dad to repent of dividing our family all these years and causing division. Pray for truth and faith to enter his heart and home.

Please pray Jesus will visit my house, my marriage, my children and my relatives for all of us to worship Him together.

Prayer for Nevada for a hunger and thirst to know God and to live for His purposes and for the Bible to replace prostitution and gambling.