Prayer Requests - Ecuador

I have been doing short-term missions work here in Ecuador and have contracted COVID-19. Please pray for me and the family that am staying with.

Please pray for my sister, Lidia, who is a Christian Doctor and has contacted the Virus. She is helping others recover.

Prayer for my son Isaac, he is in drugs, he needs deliverance. He has asked Jesus in his heart, but he doesn't see Him working in him. He needs God.

Please pray for my brother Angel that God would heal his mind and his diabetes. He needs to have an encounter with Jesus.

Good evening, God bless you, please I need a prayer for a friend of mine Who can't quit the drugs. His name is Raphael Y. Thank you so much.

Please pray for strength and protection and so that I can soon be back with my husband and children. Thank you TSC.

Please pray for my husband and I so that we can soon be together and take care of our children. Thank you. TSC.

Please pray for me, I do not know what to do, I need direction, I feel sad, I miss my children and my husband. I'm waiting for a miracle, God please.

Please pray for 6-day born baby Matias. He is gravely ill and the family is asking for a miracle. Our God is a Miracle Worker. Amen.

Please pray for my family so that we can remain united despite the distance. Thank you very much, TSC.