Prayer Requests - Latvia

Please pray about my future. I'm a doctor and I want to specialize in cardiac surgery. I'm not sure where to do it, in Latvia or somewhere abroad.

Please pray for pet charity to receive donations to pay the 1200 USD bill. Thanks.

Please pray for a pre-retirement woman to find a job very soon, she will run out of unemployment benefits and will have no money for food and rent. Thanks.

I just finished medical university but still need to find a right medical residency position. Pray for it to show itself to me. Thank you!

Please pray for my healing. I've been suffering from unexplained pain for more than 5 months and doctors haven't found the cause yet.

Please pray for Eliza, 2-years-old, she has stage 3 cancer. She had surgery, but it's still very bad! The family needs God's peace and a miracle!

Eliza 2 years need a prayer, she has a cancer stage 2 and now is going to chemotherapy then surgery. The family need God's peace and miracle!