Prayer Requests - MD

Having osseous surgery on January 04, 2021. Please pray surgery will be successful - no complications during surgery or after. Thanks for your faithfulness.

Please pray for peace, victory and more rest this week for Mrs. Also pray for peace, a spiritual awakening, and time with G.

Please pray for G., that the bad thoughts will leave her mind - the angry thoughts and the revengeful thoughts. Pray for the Lord to forgive her. Pray for peace and love.

Please pray for victory and unity in the new year for the H. home and for Julie and Victor.

Please pray for R. to be in touch. Pray for the love that the Lord put in his heart for her comes out more. Remind him that his love is still in Jesus. Amen.

Please pray for Lord to take care of the heating issue for Mr. Bob. Pray that there's no extensive work to be done. Pray for peace.

Please pray for the Lord to take care of the heating issue for Mr. B and that there's no extensive work. Also pray for small work and for peace.

Please pray for the heat to be working so Bob doesn't have to pay extra money if he's paying for house repairs for the basement, ceiling, and kitchen. Amen.

I'm in need of a miracle. I've been praying and praying, asking God for a financial breakthrough. My bills are overdue, Christmas is here.

Keep praying for Mrs. A, having difficulties with work, finances, family, future, sister needs to work, doctor. Pray for that please