Prayer Requests - GA

Please pray for the Georgia senate elections - and for righteousness to prevail! Much evil had been uncovered and testified to. God bless America have mercy!

Please pray that me and my significant other may be husband and wife, immediately. That all obstacles be overcome, as we are no longer together. Praise the Lord.

Hello church! Since rededicating my life to Christ, my health has been under attack. Please pray that I will be healed of this horrible body rash.

Although I normally pray for the kids who are being abused, I'd like to request instead, that we pray for the ones abusing the kids. Thank you.

Please pray and believe with me for healing for my eye. Thank you. God bless you all.

Deliverance from drugs, homosexuality, witchcraft, bitterness, and adultery Lamont, Jr. S., Sharmaine, and Michael.

Please pray for our daughter-in-law Haley, she has COVID and is expecting. Our grandson Jacob has an infection in his toe. JM for COVID. Thanks.

Please pray. Due to finances my elderly mom is needing to find another place to live. Please pray for God's will for assisted living for her, In Jesus' name.

Please pray for me to stop getting threats by email. I'm really stressed about it.