Prayer Requests - Australia

I am very sad and depressed due to failure in life. Please restore me further, Lord God. In every area. I am very broken-hearted. Please fix it up. For you.

Please pray for my 92-year-old aunt who's in a nursing home. She's depressed and with a bedsore that is not healing. Cognitively astute, but so unhappy and vulnerable.

Please pray for healing for Ronda. She has metal plates in her leg and the infection is very bad. Needs another operation. Thank you, Church.

Please show me, Father, how to move forward. A husband and home and purpose would be a miracle or just let me know your "will". Please for my life.

Please pray for me for the salvation of my children, for unity and peace in our home. I also need a job as I was made redundant 3 years ago. Thank you.

My husband's friend is not a Believer. Please pray for deliverance. Thanks.

I am full of self pity, loathing life which is too hard, ungrateful, and an unthankful born again Christian with wavering faith. Please come through for me Father.

My husband has two aggravated assault charges pending. In response, he is divorcing me. I am praying he is set free and walks closely with God again.

Please help me Father to stop taking pills and to trust you to help make the way instead. I am feeling sick from them and I'm sorry.

Please pray for my Christian brother Paul that God will grow the mustard seed of faith and his knees, hip, elbows, and heart will be healed. Thanks, TSC.