Prayer Requests - United States

Pray for Michelle to be saved and to get over her addiction to drinking blood. May she find peace in Jesus.

My daughter is very sick with COVID-19. Please pray for her!

Freedom for my mom. She gets so restless sometimes. Pray my mom will seek God, love God, and that her mind will be renewed.

Please pray for my cousin Jay and me to find a career, a local home church, and a life partner.

Help me to get closer to Christ Jesus. In these last days, I have been a little scared. I pray for strength, wisdom, knowledge, understanding, and my enemies.
Thank you.

Our 16-year-old addict son, Caleb, ran away. He is running from God first, then from us. Please pray that God will get a hold of his heart and return him home.

Please pray for my daughter, Pearl, age 20, and my two sons, Nathaniel, age 18, and Daniel, age 13. They were brought up to know the Lord but are so far from Him now.

Pray for Kathy M. and her family. They suffered the loss of her daughter. May God open up the windows of heaven to sustain her in the days ahead.