Prayer Requests - United Arab Emirates

Please pray that God will send Missionaries from Summit International to the United Arab Emirates according to the will of God.

Please pray for me to find a different job. I have been working as a housemaid for almost 16 years now. He's God of miracles!

I have been under tremendous pressure financially and otherwise in my business in the past year. Please pray that God gives me the grace to overcome.

Please pray for my marriage, my children Hannah and Serah, and for my mother Molly.

I am under tremendous pressure at my business for various reasons - financial and otherwise - right now and need God to step in and take charge.

Praise God for solving many problems in my business. Many challenges remain but God provides grace and answers everyday. Please continue to pray.

Please pray for the situation in my business to get out of debt and settle all obligations. To release us from this tremendously stressful situation.

I am an addict to pornographic stuff. And gradually becoming very much a pervert. Please pray for me. I need out of this life.