Prayer Requests - Namibia

For me to get healed from all evil. Lord, free me. Heal my mother. Lord, help me, as You are my helper. Unblock my life and help me to get a good job.

Please pray for me to get a good job soon. I applied for a job at Microsoft that I really like. I have been unemployed for 10 years. Please pray for this.

Good day Pastor, I am going through so much this year and it has all lead me to lose faith in Jesus Christ, I have prayed so much but to no avail.

Lord heal me from period pains. Lord help me get a high paying job as a receptionist/admin. Lord help my man, to marry me, the one you created for me.

Please pray for restoration in our marriage, separated for a long time. I am jobless and use alcohol sometimes.

Good day, I thank God for Times Square Church. I thank God for your time and dedication in doing the Lord's works. Please pray so I give myself whole to God.

Please pray for my wife and missions team ministering in a communist country. May God empower them, protect and give them much fruit.

Please pray for my family, for spiritual guidance, for me to trust that God is here for me, peace, for release from anxiety about my career, and for relationships.

Lord, don't turn your back on me. I've lost my way. Take me back, Father and give my life meaning and purpose. Help me let go, and heal my broken heart.

Please pray for me. I am a registered nurse by profession. I resigned from my previous job 3 years ago due to experiencing anxiety and since then have not been able to get a job.