Prayer Requests - Japan

Please pray for my son that God will crush the darkness that has surrounded him. May he walk in the light of God and not get infected with COVID-19.

May I believe in and concentrate on God without impossibility and convey to my parents the peace and power of the Lord. Thank you, TSC.

My son has been spending the last few days at home because he has no money. May God's love and the power of the Scriptures permeate his heart.

A woman who doesn't know Jesus is attending my Bible class today. May the Word of God touch her heart. May the group be blessed. Thank you.

After a long time, my son came home. May my husband and I talk to him with the wisdom of God so that his heart may change. Thank you very much.

Please pray that I and my husband, can move forward in prayer to change the situation in front of us, without giving up. Thank you very much.

Please pray for my mother who is weakened by bile duct problems. May God guide the best treatment for her today, even in the situation of COVID-19.

Please pray for that unconditional God find my son today and give him healing and get back all his stolen capabilities. Thank you.

My son doesn't come home for 10 days. I think that he spends his life only part-time job and playing games. I'm also worried about his money problem.

I am worried about how my son spends his money and time. Please pray that God heals him to live for God if he has trouble with his brain function.