Prayer Requests - Ireland

Pray for a spirit of conviction to visit this man. That he may see he has 6 children (young adults) that need a godly dad. He's caused them so much pain.

Please pray for a wife, I am praying for over 25 years, and provision for the evangelism work in Cyprus.

Please pray for Luminta, for a godly husband and for Olesia, and Christopher for favour and success in their relationship.

Please pray for Bobby, my neighbor, who is in intensive care. Also for provision for my dwelling and to serve the Lord.

Please pray for our son Dar. God has called him, pray he will turn and surrender all. Thank you.

Please pray for Maria and her family and all single-parent families and the homeless and wife for me Christopher.

Please pray for favor and success in relationships for Olesia, Christopher and Luminita, and provisions for mission field.

Please pray for all evangelist and volunteers who help the homeless. Pray for Fabio, Christopher, and Lumi for marriage partners.

Please pray for Mum Charlotte, who's 86 and has a urinary tract infection from last week. She's still very weak and can't settle in bed to sleep. Thanks for your prayers TSC.

Please pray for Olesia and Christopher for favor and success in friendships and divine appointments.