Prayer Requests - RI

Please pray Pastor Gary's wife Christine will once and for all be healed from Parkinson's.

Please pray my two sons will draw closer to the Lord and that they will seek Him for His will for their life.

Deliverance for family addictions, restoration and return to the Lord for my immediate family and my Jewish relatives.

Please pray for healing for my husband, for my son and his family, they have severe respiratory, stomach, and intestinal infection, for my children grandchildren and myself.

Urgent, please pray for healing for my husband of severe respiratory infection. Also, for my children, grandchildren, myself, mother, sisters and their families.

Michael has COVID-19 and is not doing well. They think he is dying. Please pray for salvation and for a miracle.

Pray for Dan, to have wisdom and discernment concerning his job, that he would not be deceived. That he would come back to the Lord.

Jimmy and Ellen both have coronavirus and are very sick. So are Maria and her two small children. Please pray, they all need salvation.

Please pray for healing for my grandson. He is 11 months old with severe respiratory stomach intestinal infection and high fever. Serious condition.