Prayer Requests - NY

I have been facing economic struggles. I have lost my job. My car has problems. Please, I ask for prayers against witchcraft influence and restoration in my life. thanks.

I need the Lord's guidance on whether to buy a small studio apartment at a busy location, or, a 2 bedroom at a less attractive location, but then mom could stay with me comfortably, walking distance to her church.

Walls have come up between my wife and I. Please pray that heaven will come down and flatten the walls.

Please pray for my 6-year-old grandson Joshua, he gets a fever when the temperature is hot and it makes him vomit. Please ask Jesus to heal my baby. Thank you.

please pray for Sariya B. who is being abused in her home by an extended family member. Ask God to protect her until Mom returns later this month. Thanks.

Let's pray for those 3 men on the stage that gave their testimonies at the prayer meeting [Wednesday 7/10]. Their stories are so sad but their new lives are so awesome.