Prayer Requests - Israel

Pray for physical and spiritual protection. Financial provision, God's wisdom and direction for ministry. Thank you for your prayers!

Please pray for healing of disorderly blood pressure, most meds give serious side effects or aren't sufficient. Please keep my info confidential, thanks.

Shalom. I am asking for prayer for the leadership of the Messianic Jews in Israel. Please ask for good leadership with a pure heart.

Please pray for God to continue to lead us and open doors for the ministries He wants us to do. Also, for the health of our marriage and for Pam's needed healing, as well as for our finances. Thank you.

Pray for my husband who is falsely accused by an immoral female. Pray for the right words for making a statement, favour with the judges, and justice for my husband.

Please pray for my son. He is a 25-year-old man struggling with drugs. He lives on the street day after day. Sometimes he comes home to eat and rest.