Prayer Requests - Zambia

Please pray that my daughter, Jordan, who lives in Texas will give her life to the Lord, and have a personal relationship with Christ.

I have been battling masturbation since 2014 and am tired of living this way. I am tired of living in sin. Please help me. I am really broken.

Please pray for God to block all the wrong men Satan has been bringing in my life and for God to give me a godly man.

Please pray for me as I'm really struggling with addiction to pornography and masturbation and it's really eating me up. I feel so miserable.

Please pray against the lying spirit which has led to civil unrest and the shedding of innocent blood in Zambia.

Pray for the leading of the Holy Spirit in finding a godly husband and delivering me from ungodly relationships. Jesus save me please!

Good evening saints. Bwalya N again my heart troubles me night and day. I know God wants to use me but the devil Is onto me, please pray for me.

Hello. My name is bwalya and for a year now I have suffered from a heart problem I have faith God is able to heal. Please pray for me.

My prayer request is that God, through His mercy and grace, may deliver me from the power of addiction to Pornography.