Prayer Requests - Armenia

Please pray for me. In March it will be decided if I am accepted to a medical residency in the US. Let His will be done. Thank you and God bless you.

Please, pray for me to get rid of fears. I have thoughts attacking me all day and I have fear. I do not hear the voice of the Lord. Please help me.

Lord, touch Anisha and the one hope team. Lord help them to know it is about You. May they give glory to You and not take the glory.

Please pray for me to get rid of bad, frustrating thoughts that follow me. I want to live in happiness like other people do. I need help.

Vera 75 years old widow is homeless, long-term with a tiny pension. She broke her leg and has not seen her son in over a year he's fighting in a war.

Prayer for Rudit. who is suffering post-traumatic stress disorder, fighting in a war. His mother has not seen him in a year, she is homeless.

Please pray for me to get free from the fear, that makes me lose my peace. Thank you. God bless you.

Please pray for me to get free from fear and depressive thoughts. I want to be happy in Jesus Christ. Please help me. God bless you.