Prayer Requests - Canada

Please pray for Jen P who was in a bad motorcycle accident. She is in a coma, her femur is broken and her ankle is barely attached and she may die.

My life is owned by traffickers, corrupt churches, greedy relatives, and others who sell babies. The only way out seems to be when I am dead. I'm14 years. Does anybody care out there?

A new group of people brought me into Canada using me as their immigration tool. They took away my voice completely. They are dominating me. Please pray.

I need prayer, I have sent requests in before on behalf of my husband, who is battling cancer. My sister passed away.

Please pray for me. I am diabetic and can't get my sugars under control. If it does not level out, I'll have to go to be admitted at hospital.

Please pray for Tim and his wife Jen who were in a bad motorcycle accident. Also please pray for their salvation.