Prayer Requests - Colombia

Pray for the family of Antonella, that her mother and father will get back together and their family will be restored.

Pray for healing for Mauro, who is in a lot of pain because of kidney stones.

Pray for healing for Carmen. She has diabetes, hypertension and a urinary tract infection.

Pray for Heiber who's 6-years-old and was born with a hole in his heart. He had surgery and is awaiting more surgeries!

Pray for Elzi and Brigi, a mother and young daughter who're both HIV. Please pray for healing and provisions for the family.

Pray for Daniela to recover after being attacked and stabbed 17 times, while she was selling candy on the street.

Pray for Yarbelis who's 10-years-old and had surgery for Spina Bifida, and is awaiting bladder surgery.

Please pray for the women we assist through our shelter. Many are Venezuelan refugees. Pray for provision for every need and restoration of families.

Maria A. asks for prayer for provision for her family and that her parents will stop fighting.