Prayer Requests - MN

I'm in the hospital, broke my hip with a fall. I now need to know if I should go back to my apartment to live, or if go to an assistance living facility. Need answer before the 15th.

Please pray for a Christian friend Mike, who has three young children. His wife recently died by suicide due to postpartum depression after her last.

Please pray for my Christian friend Troy. He was recently diagnosed with a form of Leukemia. Please pray for his healing be it the Lords will.

Pray for my birth dad to become a Christian and to embrace me. I am his oldest son and he has grandkids he's never met.

My friend David has lost his faith in God because he had to sell his home and everything and move in with his aunt and he lost his job when his son died.

I am in a battle for disability benefits with my insurance carrier. I just want to settle the case and be done; they are fighting every step.